We offer a peristaltic dosing pump intended for dosing of various liquids, pasty substances, chemically active and neutral liquids in small volumes into bottles and tubes.

The equipment is manufactured in the UHL climatic version, having the placement category 4, determined in accordance with GOST 15150 – 69; the line is designed for operation in industrial premises in the following conditions:

 –  ambient air temperature + 15 C... + 30 C;

 –  relative humidity of air  –  not more than 65%

The peristaltic dosing pump consists of a pump drive and pump head, control unit, pressure cylinder and filling gun. The speed (loading speed) is set by the operator, depending on the liquid viscosity.


Maximum output (water)  –  up to 2000 ml/min

Power supply voltage  –  220 V

Nominal frequency of the electrical network is 50 Hz

Power consumption  –  0.18 kW

Working air pressure  –  6 bar

Overall dimensions of the line:

length  –  300 mm

width – 118 mm

height – 312 mm

Amount of service staff – 1 people

Line weight – 7 kg

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